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The most incredible and innovative robots on the planet

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For people who like robots !

Our objective is to highlight the latest technologies in robotics and artificial intelligence
To achieve this, we produce a large number of videos on our YouTube Channel
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The funniest robot on the market today

Vector is one of the most sophisticated small domestic robots on the market. ! Check out this link : Vector by Aiki now with Alexa
Kame the little tiny robot available for 3d printing

Do you know Kame ?

Kame is a nice and tiny printed robot
You can download all the parts for free to allow you to print it in 3d by clicking on this link
learn robotics with this simple online course

Interested in learning robotics?

Here is one of the best online eCourse system you can start with as a beginner
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If you love our brand

We offer a number of products bearing our logo that you can get very simply ! T-shirts, smartphone cases and mugs.
There are available on multiple sizes, colors and shapes
Check out this link : T-shirt Store
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